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Ah! My Goddess Character Page
She is the goddess Belldandy. Kind, warm-hearted thoughtful....She came down to help Keiichi and now they live together. She is a goddess first class, unlimited and her domain is the present. Her way of travel is through mirrors, and she'shappiest when Keiichi is happy. Aww...

Keiichi Morisato had his wish granted and is now living with Belldandy. He attends Nekomi Tech and is the star racer in their auto club. He is about 21 years old and is rather short. He has one sister who lived with him and Bell for awhile and unfortunately, he is just a mere mortal.

The Goddess Urd and one of my favorites. She is the goddess of love and came down to help Keiichi umm...get closer to Belldandy. Although kind of irresponsible, her heart is always in the right place. She is a goddess second class, limited and her domain is the past. She travels through TV's and is Belldandys older sister. She also runs the Yggdrasil system back in heaven.

The goddess Skuld. She is Belldandys younger sister. She can be rather bratty at times but usually its a spaztic thing. She came down to see why Bell hadnt come home yet, and later schemed to get her back. She is a goddess second class and her domain is the future. She's about 12 and acts as debugger for the Yggdrasil System. She's also very good with things technological, and invents lots of stuff, although they dont really work quite right.

Megumi Morisato is Keiichi's little sister. She lived with Belldandy and Keiichi when she first started college, but she's all moved out now. I'm pretty sure she's also apart of the Auto Club. She has no idea about Belldandy and her sisters being goddesses.

Aoshima- Sorry I dont have a picture for him yet.  Anyway, this guy's after Belldandy. He thinks she's the most beautiful creature to ever grace the earth, and must have her. He's basically a snob. He goes to the same school as Keiichi and started the rival racing club. He has dark short hair, glasses, and usually wears suits or some other kind of nice clothes...

Sayoko also goes to Keiichi and Belldandy's school. She's kind of like a female Aoshima. Except she doesnt like Belldandy. She feels that Belldandy is a threat to her popularity ( She's the most popular girl in school, or something like that) She joked about stealing Keiichi away from Belldandy, but I dont think she has any real interest in him. Anything to get to Belldandy.

Sora Hasegawa. She's apart of Keiichi's racing club. She's really nice, and smart, and she has a crush on Aoshima. She doesnt really play a major role in anything so...

Demon Mara. She is a first class demon who hates all the Goddess sisters. She continually pops up to torture them and poor lil Keiichi. Umm..she, uh, is evil. Yeah, thats it. Evil.


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