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Gwenhyfara's Page o' Dislikes
This stuff is all crap
Well, I hate alot of things....Read this list and you'll find out what they are and why I do. Also, I've been inspired to invite you to send things you hate to me. I can gripe about most anything, so if there is anything or any famous person you would like me to reduce to a pathetic little snail, just E-Mail me :) Or, if you prefer to write why you hate them your self, I'll post it up here. Enjoy this page!

1. Mariah Carey...What a Witch!! And a SLUT. And a trashy, mangy haired BANSHEE. Has any else noticed how she likes to play with her hair in her videos and act like she's cute and innocent? NEWS FLASH: YOUR NOT CUTE YOU GOGGLE EYED, PESTIFEROUS, HARPIE!! And I've also noticed how she bends over alot when she's wearing those ho-type little shirts. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT!!. And if they do, THEY'RE SICK!!! Lets move on..

2.Cover Girl commercials. "Easy", I just bet,"Breezy" not a doubt in my mind, "Beautiful" not a chance. Whats with that one commercial with Nikki Taylor? "It musnt come off".. Thats right, we all noticed how she annoyingly shakes her head half way round the room while she's saying this. And those teens...that blond has a big ol' gap in her teeth. And she has this forever blank look in her eyes..."ooh..its a camera."

3.El evil Spice Girls. Evil, dammit, EVIL!! 'Nuff said.

4. My former english teacher. WARNING: DO NOT LOOK STRAIGHT AT THE BRIGHT BLUE EYE-SHADOW. MAY CAUSE BLINDNESS.  What can I say? She's an idiot. She's dense. Can you guess why she didnt like me? Cuz she knew I was smarter than her. Is that petty or isnt it? And let me assure you she tried her damndest to fail me too. BUT I PASSED!! HA! Ever triumphant.

5.Friends. Oh Good FANCY Moses...what an incredibly inane show. And that Jennifer Anniston is one incredibly preposterous proposition. Helmet Head. Half wit, or preferably Nit-Wit. She's like a..a..curse or something. And the rest of the cast is just as much of a scab as she is.

6.The Willfully ignorant. Sure, some people are just not up to snuff, but it's not their faults. However. Those people running around being stupid for no good reason really bother me. For example. The Mattel Trio. They are three girls in my school who I know to be not exactly stupid, yet they act as if their brains have been dug out with a dull spoon!(I bet they didnt notice..aww) Like this: It's testing week. Major tests to prove that we're smart enough to graduate. I'm sitting, concentrating,when the most annoying, whiny voice catches my attention. " Oh my God, I had a nightmare last night that I didnt make the cheerleading team!!"  Oh good lord above why me?!?! Of course the other two in the trio rush to assure she'll make it on the team." Dont worry, it was just a dream."  Makes me wanna retch...Next one :)

7.Clueless. Bad enough they wasted all that film on the movie, but how could they spawn a TV series!? What is wrong with these people? And all that's like being lost in Chibi-Usa's world. ::shudder::

8.The way the ruined Sailor Moon. It was bad enough when DIC "edited" it and changed the names. But now, if you've seen it on USA, it's even worse.  They butchered it even worse the DIC did. And to think I was  happy when they put it on USA...*sob*

Thats about it for now...I'll try to change them every once in awhile. Dont forget, need something disgraced in public? Send it here. I might not be able to put everything up(if anyone actually sends anything) but I'll try.
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