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The Sailor Moon Characters Page 1
The Inner Senshi

Sailor Moon/ Usagi Tsukino The warrior of the moon. As Usagi, she's a whiny, irresponsible, boy crazy, shop-o-holic. But, as Sailor Moon...She's much the same(except she doesn't shop) She's much more than just Sailor Moon though. She is also the Princess of the moon, and in the future, Neo-Queen Serenity who rules Crystal Tokyo.

 Sailor Mercury/ Ami Mizuno One of my least favorite scouts, she's the smartest of the inner senshi. She's also the weakest of ALL the senshi, well maybe Chibi-Moon. Anyway, her element is water and umm...I guess that's all there is to say about her.

Sailor Mars/ Rei Hino She is the scout of fire. Armed with magical charms and a big mouth, she fights evil in the name of the planet Mars. At first she wanted to take Sailor Moons place as leader of the senshi, but she's over that now. She always picking on Usagi for being late or what-not. She lives in a temple with her grandfather and goes to a private school (hence, not with the other scouts)

Sailor Jupiter/ Makoto Kino The tallest of the inners, she controls thunder. She's also very strong, with no outward appearance of it.( I mean strong ) She wants to be a cook one day She one of my favs, but I cant think of much to say about her. 

Sailor Venus/ Minako Aino She originally fought by herself as Sailor V until joining up with the other scouts. She's very much like Usagi and I really don't know what her power Her cat guardian is Artemis, who trained her and all that. She also posed as the moon princess until Usagi could get her memories back.

The Cat Family Luna is the black cat, Artemis is the white cat, and that one standing up that seems to be a type of purple is Diana. Luna and Artemis are the ones who trained the Inner Senshi. Diana is their daughter from the future. Isn't that sweet?
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