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The Sailor Moon Characters Page 3

Tuxedo Kamen/ Mamoru Chiba Usagi's one true love...The first time Queen Beryl broke out (lots of years ago) he was in love with the moon princess and died protecting her. Now in present day, he's Tuxedo Kamen, still protecting Usagi. When they first met, it was kind of on bad terms. After they both got their memories back, they loved each other etc.,etc. In the future, he rules at the Neo-Queens side, as King Endymion.


The Sailor Starlight's
  The Sailor Starlights  The Mysterious Three Lights. They came from another planet to find their princess, Kakyuu. But they also helped the Sailors, since they were fighting a common enemy. By day, they're the musical group, The Three Lights. They disguised themselves as guys so they could find their Princess, but when they transform, they obtain their true female forms. I'll have their individual profiles up soon..
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