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Ranma 1/2 Characters Page 1
The Saotomes
Ranma Saotome The leading person in our story. While training at Jusenkyo in China with his father, he fell into the spring of the drowned, busty, red-headed girl. Now, whenever he's splashed with cold water he turns into...a busty red-headed girl! (Ta-da) However, warm waster will change him back to a boy..until the next time. Besides this curse, he also seems to have some kind of curse with the women. He has fiances crawling out of the woodwork, and most of them are willing to fight to have him. Imagine that. He has just as many admirers as a woman as he does as a guy. Must be nice to be that popular.

Genma Saotome Ranma's daddy. While training ranma in Jusenkyo, he fell into the spring of the drowned panda. I'm sure you've figured out how the water things works now. Although he doesnt seem to be much of a father...well, scratch that, he isnt. But anyway, when he was young, he and his training partner, Soun Tendo, made a pact that their children would get married and carry on the dojo. Of course, he made a few other marriage promises in the course of Ranma's life....

Nodoka Saotome Ranma's mom. When Genma first dragged Ranma off to train, he promised her that Ranma would grow up to be a man among men. You can bet she's gonna hold him to that. But, seeing that Ranma turns into a female, they rather fear her. She carries a kitana around with her, and she's pretty good with it. She has no idea who about Ranma. She thinks that female Ranma is Akane's cousin, and Genma the panda is their pet, Mr. Panda.

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