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The Ranma ½ Character page
Ranma Saotome The leading person in our story. While training at Jusenkyo in China with his father, he fell into the spring of the drowned, busty, red-headed girl. Now, whenever he's splashed with cold water he turns into...a busty red-headed girl! (Ta-da) However, warm waster will change him back to a boy..until the next time. Besides this curse, he also seems to have some kind of curse with the women. He has fiances crawling out of the woodwork, and most of them are willing to fight to have him. Imagine that. He has just as many admirers as a woman as he does as a guy. Must be nice to be that popular.

Genma Saotome Ranma's daddy. While training ranma in Jusenkyo, he fell into the spring of the drowned panda. I'm sure you've figured out how the water things works now. Although he doesnt seem to be much of a father...well, scratch that, he isnt. But anyway, when he was young, he and his training partner, Soun Tendo, made a pact that their children would get married and carry on the dojo. Of course, he made a few other marriage promises in the course of Ranma's life....

Nadoka Saotome Ranma's mom. When Genma first dragged Ranma off to train, he promised her that Ranma would grow up to be a man among men. You can bet she's gonna hold him to that. But, seeing that Ranma turns into a female, they rather fear her. She carries a kitana around with her, and she's pretty good with it. She has no idea who about Ranma. She thiks that female Ranma is Akane's cousin, and Genma the panda is their pet, Mr. Panda.

Akane Tendo Ranma's bride to be and the youngest of the Tendo's.  She's a tomboy, I guess, and rather violent. She's also a martial artist and enjoys cooking(help!) whenever she gets the chance. (And they make sure thats not to often) She has many suitors too, and has to beat the guys off her when she goes to school. She's very jealous, and vehemently denies liking Ranma. No, of course she doesnt. (wink, wink)

Nabiki Tendo Some people call her greedy. Ruthless. I call her "genius".  How many would think of using their odd home-lifes to make a tidy profit? She's Akane older sister, always looking for ways to make a living...even selling kettles of hot water to those who took a quick swim in a Jusenkyo pond.

Kasumi Tendo The oldest sister, she's the one who cooks, cleans, etc. She's very nice and stuff, and is always encouraging Akane to be a good wife to Ranma. Guess theres not much to say about her.

Soun Tendo The doting daddy. Always ready to break down and cry, he's the sensitive type. He spends much of his time playing some game or another with Genma, and when he's not, he scheming to get Ranma and Akane together.

Tatewaki Kuno  Not a Jusenkyo victim, just an idiot. This sword wielding twit is the upperclassman of Ranma and Akane. I, personally, love him. But, he truly is quite witless. He's in love with Akane and female Ranma,  his "Pigtailed girl".  He's constantly  torn between his two true loves. He hates male Ranma for being to close to both Akane and the pigtailed girl. He's the leader of the school's Kendo club, and for some reason has this idea that he is equal, or actually better, than Ranma. He's not. He has a sister (look down) and his father is the principal of the school. Everyone just calls him Kuno instead of Tatewaki. He calls himself "The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High". Pshaw.

Kodachi Kuno Kuno said it himself...his twisted sister. She's called " The Black Rose". She is a Martial Arts Rythmic Gymnast.  She uses her ribbon as a weapon, as well as a variety of poisons. Guess who she loves? Ranma darling. And so (of course) she hates female Ranma for standing in the way of male Ranma. She goes to a private school (I've forgotten the name) And it she is easily identified by demented psycho laugh.

Principal Kuno The father of Kuno and Kodachi. Yes, it's's genetic. What went wrong with the Kuno kids, it's also in the daddy. I'm not sure, but I think he took a vacation in Hawaii and stayed there too long. He came back with a palm tree attached to his head, a permanent tan, and a heavy Hawaiin accent. You may see him brandishing a pair of hair clippers, always trying to cut the hair of the students, especially Ranma.

Sasuke He's not exactly a member of the Kuno family. He's their loyal ninja servant. Always ready to do whatever sneaky or vile thing his masters order him to do.

Cologne Well..she's an old, shriveled Amazon woman. She's the great-grandmother of Shampoo, and is the one who trained her. I think she must be the best martial artist on the show,(Well, maybe Happosai) not even Ranma can beat her. She taught Ranma his Chestnut Fist,(Kanshutenshin Ameguriken) and Ryoga his Breaking Point (Bakusai Tenketsu)

Shampoo One of Ranma's fiance's. When female Ranma was travelling in China, she ate the prize in an Amazon martial arts tournament. So, to make up for it, she fought the victor, Shampoo. Shampoo lost and vowed to chase Ranma to the ends of the earth and kill her, according to Amazon laws. She tracked her to Japan, but only found male Ranma. She was beaten again, but by male Ranma, and according to Amazon laws, she must marry him instead of kill him. Now she knows about the Jusenkyo curse, and has one of her own. She turns into a cat. Now she works part time in her great grandmothers resteraunt, Neko Hanten.

Mousse He came all the way from China to get Shampoo, his love. But, she refuses to leave Ranma. Mousse is a master of..I'm not exactly sure whats it's call, but he hides things up his robe and then uses them as weapons. He's got tons of junk up there..chains, swords, little claw things, baby potties...Anyway, he's also blind. Very blind. He has extremely thick glasses, and has long black hair.

Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung  Two of Shampoo's Amazon "sisters". They originally came to Japan to take revenge upon Shampoo for not killing female Ranma. After finding out the situation, they went back to China. They eventually came back and became "drawers" for the Neko Hanten. And just so you know, a "drawer" is someone who attracts or..draws people to resteraunts or other places of business.

Ryoga Hibiki Another Jusenkyo victim. Splash him with cold water and he turns into the cutest black piglet you could imagine. P-Chan! (Who also happens to be Akane's pet) He's loves Akane with all his heart, and always thinks of her when he's out..lost somewhere. "Why lost?" you ask? Because he is a forever lost little boy. Thats right, born without a sense of direction, he cant even find his way to his own backyard. He's probably Ranma's strongest enemy, and I think their pretty evenly matched. And, one of the best things about him, he has fangs!

Ukyo Kuonji Hey, it's yet another fiance! When Ranma was on a training trip with his father, he used to steal okonomiyaki from Ukyo's father, who had an okonomiyaki cart. Ranma and Ukyo became friends. Ukyo's father offered Ukyo as a bride to Ranma, with the okonomiyaki cart as the dowry. Genma then asked Ranma what he liked better: Okonomiyaki or Ukyo. Ranma said okonomiyaki because he thought Ukyo was a boy. So Ranma and Genma ran off with the cart. Humiliated, Ukyo decided to spend the rest of her life as a boy. When she grew up, she went to find Ranma and get revenge. When Ranma found out Ukyo was a she, he apologized for what he did and Ukyo forgave him. Now, she loves him and there you go. She owns her own resteraunt called Ucchans and makes..OKONOMIYAKI. She also has the spiffy giant spatula that she uses as a weapon...I want a giant spatula.

Azusa Shiratori The female half of the Golden Pair. She's a martial arts ice skater, and her partner is Mikado Sanzenin. She loves anything cute, or at least whatever she considers to be cute. She absolutely adores P-chan, but for some odd reason, thinks P-chan is a female. Whatever she wants, she claims as her own and then gives it a french name. P-chan is just "Charlotte" to her. Poor P-chan.

Mikado Sanzenin The male half of the Golden Pair. His signature mark is to kiss his female opponents. He gave(female) Ranma his first kiss. He admitted hisself that his head had no room for other thoughts.

Happosai The old letch..the freak..the pervert. He's the master of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts, and boy is he sick! He goes around stealing girls bra's and underwear. Actually, it's what gives him his power. He has a whole, big collection of underwear and stuff. He  mostly likes to terrorize the Tendo girls, and female Ranma. Of course, he would be one of the most powerful fghters in the series.

Tsubasa Kurenai Walks like a girl, talks like a girl, looks like a girl. Not a girl. He disguises himself in many differant ways just to be close to Ukyo. He's so good that female Ranma was competing with him for cuteness and male Ranma asked him out. But all he wants is to be with Ukyo.

Dr. Tofu The towns doctor. Always ready with a cure to fix whatever has befallen our favorite martial artists. He's in love with Kasumi, and starts acting like a twit whenever he's around her. His glasses fog up, he starts babbling, and alot of other stuff. He also has a skeleton named Betty that he keeps in his office.

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