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The Slayers Character Page
Meet Lina Inverse, the lil' fireball throwin, sword swingin, sorceress. She's about 16 (or so I've heard) and although rather short and ::ahem:: undeveloped for her age, she takes it all in stride since she can fry anyone who mentions it. This little fire-wielder steals from the wicked, gives to her self or sells for a tidy profit.

  The e-pit-o-me of a warrior with all the brains of a stump( stump also known as a girl in my school named Amber Altman ) One day he "saved" Lina from a pack of bandits in the woods thinking she was some beautiful chick in need of help. Mistaking her for a child (shes that short) he vows to guide her to Atlis City and protect her. Then he finds that his new traveling companion is no mere little girl and gets caught in the whole mess. Gourry, Gourry, meet People.

He's the warrior with the chip on his shoulder. Almost as good as Lina in sorcery, this guy is 1/3 Gollum and part Chimera. Also excellent with a sword, his main goal in life was to be powerful. When Rezo the red priest granted him power, he was transformed into what he is now. Now all he wants is revenge against Rezo, and this is why he ends up traveling' with Lina. Everyone, this is Zelgadis.

Rezo the Red Priest. One of the Wise Men of the Age, he used to travel through out the land healing people of their illnesses and other afflictions. Unfortunately for him, he was born blind and for some reason was never able to heal himself. No he seeks to release the Dark Lord so he'll grant him his eyesight. He's just evil now.

Ameria is a..well, she's a really big something. She's a sorceress who practices White magic, and she travels along with Lina and Gourry. She's one of those really big "love and justice" people, so she constantly feels the need to stand up to villains, even if(or when, rather) she'll get her butt kicked. VICTORY!

Shilfiel. She's a priestess


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