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5. Ryoga Hibiki-Ranma 1/2
My poor little man with his heart of glass!! He's just so sensitive to..everything. But he's strong, an excellent fighter, and loyal. Fangs too. Have you ever seen him in one of his devastated moments?!? He's even cuter when he cries...

4. Zelgadiss-Slayers
So what if he's a chimera? I think he's beautiful. His hair is purple, and I have a fetish for purple/blue hair. He's a powerful sorceror, and he's also smart and his skin shines. I just feel sorry for him about the Amelia thing. She has a crush on him, and I know he never did anything so wrong as to deserve that.

3. Hotohori-Fushigi Yuugi
An emporer, an excellent swordsman, all that gorgeous hair...I was very tempted to make Mr. Hotohori number one, but I had to count those points against him for falling in love with Miaka. He may be vain, but I never saw anything wrong with being vain. It's just confidence. I prefer to think of his feelings for Miaka as a passing infatuation. Just let me believe what I want to...

2. Shinobu Tezuka-Here is Greenwood
I find his placidity strangely attractive.. He has the purple hair, and we all know how I feel about that(don't we?) Not to mention I love his voice in the japanese version! He's always calm, and never shows his emotions. And it must be hard to be so (relatively) normal, what with his lunatic sister, lunatic roommate, and lunatic dorm to manage.

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