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20. Anubis-Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
He was the guy who DIED way too early in the series. He not only kicked major butt, but he was the only one with his wits about him.  Not to mention he was one good looking hunk of manliness.

19. Zagato-Magick Knight Rayearth
Well, he's on this list because he just looks good. This isn't  a personality only thing you know. We catagorize him as a bad guy because he kidnapped the princess, but he was just protecting the one he loved. So, I slapped him on my list. I mean, look at him.

18. Nataku-X
He's another of the elite who made the list because of his looks. He doesnt have a personality(being a souless doll and all) so he really doesnt have much else going for him. How did he make it to 18..? ::looks at picture:: Oh yeah..

17. Ferio-Magic Knight Rayearth
  I like his green hair. And the scar gives him a certain rugged look. I haven't read much of Rayearth Manga yet, but as I mentioned before, this is based a lot on looks. Or didnt I mention that?

16. Troubador- Ah! My Goddess
He's a bard. And that always counts for something. So do pointy ears..^_^ He may not have much talent, but at least he tries! And he's relatively loyal to Urd. If only he would stop chasing that big bird around...

Numbers 15-11
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