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Ranma Characters Page 2
The Tendos

Akane Tendo Ranma's bride to be and the youngest of the Tendo's.  She's a tomboy, I guess, and rather violent. She's also a martial artist and enjoys cooking(help!) whenever she gets the chance. (And they make sure thats not to often) She has many suitors too, and has to beat the guys off her when she goes to school. She's very jealous, and vehemently denies liking Ranma. No, of course she doesnt. (wink, wink)

Nabiki Tendo Some people call her greedy. Ruthless. I call her "genius".  How many would think of using their odd home-lifes to make a tidy profit? She's Akane older sister, always looking for ways to make a living...even selling kettles of hot water to those who took a quick swim in a Jusenkyo pond.

Kasumi Tendo The oldest sister, she's the one who cooks, cleans, etc. She's very nice and stuff, and is always encouraging Akane to be a good wife to Ranma. Guess theres not much to say about her.

Soun Tendo The doting daddy. Always ready to break down and cry, he's the sensitive type. He spends much of his time playing some game or another with Genma, and when he's not, he scheming to get Ranma and Akane together.

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