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Ranma Characters Page 3

Tatewaki Kuno  Not a Jusenkyo victim, just an idiot. This sword wielding twit is the upperclassman of Ranma and Akane. I, personally, love him. But, he truly is quite witless. He's in love with Akane and female Ranma,  his "Pigtailed girl".  He's constantly  torn between his two true loves. He hates male Ranma for being to close to both Akane and the pigtailed girl. He's the leader of the school's Kendo club, and for some reason has this idea that he is equal, or actually better, than Ranma. He's not. He has a sister (look down) and his father is the principal of the school. Everyone just calls him Kuno instead of Tatewaki. He calls himself "The Blue Thunder of Furinkan High". Pshaw.

Kodachi Kuno Kuno said it himself...his twisted sister. She's called " The Black Rose". She is a Martial Arts Rythmic Gymnast.  She uses her ribbon as a weapon, as well as a variety of poisons. Guess who she loves? Ranma darling. And so (of course) she hates female Ranma for standing in the way of male Ranma. She goes to a private school (I've forgotten the name) And it she is easily identified by demented psycho laugh.

Principal Kuno The father of Kuno and Kodachi. Yes, it's's genetic. What went wrong with the Kuno kids, it's also in the daddy. I'm not sure, but I think he took a vacation in Hawaii and stayed there too long. He came back with a palm tree attached to his head, a permanent tan, and a heavy Hawaiin accent. You may see him brandishing a pair of hair clippers, always trying to cut the hair of the students, especially Ranma.

Sasuke He's not exactly a member of the Kuno family. He's their loyal ninja servant. Always ready to do whatever sneaky or vile thing his masters order him to do.

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