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Ranma Characters Page 4
Those from China

 Cologne Well..she's an old, shriveled Amazon woman. She's the great-grandmother of Shampoo, and is the one who trained her. I think she must be the best martial artist on the show,(Well, maybe Happosai) not even Ranma can beat her. She taught Ranma his Chestnut Fist,(Kanshutenshin Ameguriken) and Ryoga his Breaking Point (Bakusai Tenketsu)

 Shampoo One of Ranma's fiance's. When female Ranma was travelling in China, she ate the prize in an Amazon martial arts tournament. So, to make up for it, she fought the victor, Shampoo. Shampoo lost and vowed to chase Ranma to the ends of the earth and kill her, according to Amazon laws. She tracked her to Japan, but only found male Ranma. She was beaten again, but by male Ranma, and according to Amazon laws, she must marry him instead of kill him. Now she knows about the Jusenkyo curse, and has one of her own. She turns into a cat. Now she works part time in her great grandmothers resteraunt, Neko Hanten.

Mousse He came all the way from China to get Shampoo, his love. But, she refuses to leave Ranma. Mousse is a master of..I'm not exactly sure whats it's call, but he hides things up his robe and then uses them as weapons. He's got tons of junk up there..chains, swords, little claw things, baby potties...Anyway, he's also blind. Very blind. He has extremely thick glasses, and has long black hair.

Ling-Ling and Lung-Lung  Two of Shampoo's Amazon "sisters". They originally came to Japan to take revenge upon Shampoo for not killing female Ranma. After finding out the situation, they went back to China. They eventually came back and became "drawers" for the Neko Hanten. And just so you know, a "drawer" is someone who attracts or..draws people to resteraunts or other places of business.

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