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Ranma Characters Page 5
The rest...

Ryoga Hibiki Another Jusenkyo victim. Splash him with cold water and he turns into the cutest black piglet you could imagine. P-Chan! (Who also happens to be Akane's pet) He's loves Akane with all his heart, and always thinks of her when he's out..lost somewhere. "Why lost?" you ask? Because he is a forever lost little boy. Thats right, born without a sense of direction, he cant even find his way to his own backyard. He's probably Ranma's strongest enemy, and I think their pretty evenly matched. And, one of the best things about him, he has fangs!

Ukyo Kuonji Hey, it's yet another fiance! When Ranma was on a training trip with his father, he used to steal okonomiyaki from Ukyo's father, who had an okonomiyaki cart. Ranma and Ukyo became friends. Ukyo's father offered Ukyo as a bride to Ranma, with the okonomiyaki cart as the dowry. Genma then asked Ranma what he liked better: Okonomiyaki or Ukyo. Ranma said okonomiyaki because he thought Ukyo was a boy. So Ranma and Genma ran off with the cart. Humiliated, Ukyo decided to spend the rest of her life as a boy. When she grew up, she went to find Ranma and get revenge. When Ranma found out Ukyo was a she, he apologized for what he did and Ukyo forgave him. Now, she loves him and there you go. She owns her own resteraunt called Ucchans and makes..OKONOMIYAKI. She also has the spiffy giant spatula that she uses as a weapon...I want a giant spatula.

 Azusa Shiratori The female half of the Golden Pair. She's a martial arts ice skater, and her partner is Mikado Sanzenin. She loves anything cute, or at least whatever she considers to be cute. She absolutely adores P-chan, but for some odd reason, thinks P-chan is a female. Whatever she wants, she claims as her own and then gives it a french name. P-chan is just "Charlotte" to her. Poor P-chan.

Mikado Sanzenin The male half of the Golden Pair. His signature mark is to kiss his female opponents. He gave(female) Ranma his first kiss. He admitted hisself that his head had no room for other thoughts.

 Happosai The old letch..the freak..the pervert. He's the master of the Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts, and boy is he sick! He goes around stealing girls bra's and underwear. Actually, it's what gives him his power. He has a whole, big collection of underwear and stuff. He  mostly likes to terrorize the Tendo girls, and female Ranma. Of course, he would be one of the most powerful fghters in the series.

 Tsubasa Kurenai Walks like a girl, talks like a girl, looks like a girl. Not a girl. He disguises himself in many differant ways just to be close to Ukyo. He's so good that female Ranma was competing with him for cuteness and male Ranma asked him out. But all he wants is to be with Ukyo.

 Dr. Tofu The towns doctor. Always ready with a cure to fix whatever has befallen our favorite martial artists. He's in love with Kasumi, and starts acting like a twit whenever he's around her. His glasses fog up, he starts babbling, and alot of other stuff. He also has a skeleton named Betty that he keeps in his office.

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