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15. Kakyou-X
He's so pretty and delicate!! At least before he wakes up. (I heard he looks different when he wakes up) Of course, it just sucks that he wasnt even in the movie. No, they had to replace this pretty little boy with some funky haired twerp! Ha! And he's actually pretty nice, except for that whole destruction of the world thing.

He's a funny little man, not to mention he as two of the Four Pluses. He's smart, can be sarcastic (thats 3 of four) and you can tell he really cares about Kagome. And isnt that all that really matters? Fangs? And the white hair..Kawaii!!

13. Tamahome-Fushigi Yuugi
I know, I know...he's positively gorgeous. But, even though he has one of the Four Pluses, he has a point against him. That's right. He's the beau of that little Miaka brat. And that's such a big point against. His only salvation (besides the long hair) is the fact that he's a mercenary. Feh.

12. Sesshou Maru- Inu Yasha
He has the Four Pluses!! I love his "you are mortal, grovel before me" attitude!! And he's just pretty. Plain and simple, pretty.  Look at those eyes! WooHoo.

11. Gourry Gabriev-Slayers
He's such a sweety. So what if he's not that bright?!? He can actually be kinda thoughtful. Maybe this isn't the best picture for representing his,um, handsome-ness, but he look's so KAWAII in that cow suit!! Eating grass...

Numbers 10-6
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