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10. Shinnosuke-Ranma1/2
He's just a big 'ol teddy bear!! He's one of the most sincere anime guys I've ever seen..he loves Akane so ::sniff:: much, but he let her go. His only problem is his memory..but hey, if he comes home to a wife one day, and can't remember who she is, it would be like falling in love all over again! Okay, technically, it would be falling in love all over again.

9. Nuriko-Fushigi Yuugi
He's so funny! He's also pretty, and incredibly strong. He seems to be kind of the comic relief of the show, but that can't take away from all-around cute-ness! And maybe he does flirt an awful least he has good taste. He fell for Hotohori.

8. Narsiss-Heroic Legend of Arslan
This one has two of the Four Pluses. Long hair(duh) and sarcasm. Boy, is he ever sarcastic. He's intelligent, a fabulous swordsman, and pretty. Not to mention, his personality gets even better when he's drunk! AND he has nice clothes.

7. Kamui Shirou-X
The first time I saw him, it was magick..Seriously now, he's one of the best CLAMP has ever drawn, and thats something after you see other CLAMP boys. He's such an innocent and tragic figure, my heart goes out to him. He manages to remain strong even after his best friend (and, consequently, the brother of the woman he loves) turns on him and kills his friends, but then his only love dies!! Boohoohoo..

6. Tasuki-Fushigi Yuugi
Tasuki! Hell, just saying his name is fun! Say it with me..TA-SU-KI. See? He's my very favoritest pyromaniac! My favorite drunk! My favorite potty-mouth! And he has fangs! It's a Plus!! Not to mention he's someone who actually didn't fall for that Miaka creature. He's also the leader of a gang of mountain bandits, and that's always a plus, though not one of THE Pluses. Hehe..

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