Gwenhyfara's Page of Goddess'..Ah! My Goddess
                            Ah! My Goddess is a lovely story of a college student who only wanted
                           take-out but got a beautiful goddess instead! Now, thanx to a wish and
                              the Ultimate Force, Keiichi Morisato and the goddess Belldandy are
                        living together. Unfortunatley for Keiichi, Belldandy's two sisters have
                         moved in with them, bringing nothing but trouble and an ulcer for Keiichi.
                             One day, Keiichi Morisato, the college student, was left to answer the
                           phone and take messages for the whole dorm. Having left nothing for him
                             to eat, he called for take-out. After a few usless tries, he somehow gets
                            the Goddess Helpline. Next thing he knows, a girl pops out of his mirror,
                              telling him that he may have one wish, his hearts desire. Thinking that
                          it had to be a joke, he wishes that the goddess, Belldandy, be his girlfriend
                                forever. Of course, the wish is honored and Belldandy becomes his
                           girlfriend. Problem: its an all men dorm. NO WOMEN ALLOWED. And
                         anyone who violates this rule will be CAST OUT!! So he and Belldandy
                            ride in search of  a place to stay. Eventually, Belldandy leads him to an old
                              deserted temple. They spend the night there, and Keiichi wakes up in the
                             morning to find the place fixed up. As Belldandy tells him " It has been
                           decided that we can stay here as long as we need to..So this place can be home!"
                            The his sister Megumi moves in with them,  but thats just the begining of Keiichis
problems with relatives (though not his own.)
                          It's been awhile...Megumi has moved out but poor Keiichi still cant
                           work up the nerve to "put the moves" on Belldandy ^_^ So, to help him
                       comes Belldandy's big sister, the meddling, love potion distributing,
                              Goddess-o-Love, URD.  But wait! She's not the last of 'em...No, later on comes
                       little sister, (slightly) bratty, technological genius, SKULD. Only, instead of
                              trying to help Keiichi and Belldandy, she only wants her sister Belldandy to come
                home and help her fight the bugs so she wont be lonely..aww.
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