Gwen-Chans World of Ranma ½
What can you do when you have a father who would trade you for
food at the drop of a hat, a fiance who hits rather than hugs, and a
    little curse besides? What can you do? Meet Ranma Saotome, heir to the
Anything-Goes School of Martial Arts.
While training in Jusenkyo, China, Ranma was swatted into the spring
of the drowned girl. Now, all it takes is a splash of cold water to turn
 him into a girl, and a splash of hot to make him a boy again. His father
like-wise took a swim in a Jusenkyo pool, and fell  into the spring of
the drowned panda. Many of their other aquaintances also took a dip
into the cursed springs. Read all about them at the Character Page.
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The Saotomes
The Tendos
The Kunos
Those who come from China
Those who don't come from China
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