The Top 20 Guys of Anime
           Welcome to the Top 20 Guys of Anime. We've all seen these pretty
                      boys prance (some of them literally) across our screens. We've watched
                   them fall in love with idiot chicks, and we in turn fall for them. Here, I've
                    chosen 20 elite anime babe-o-licious manly men, and some womenly men. ^_^
                But my word is not the IT. If you feel your favorite burning hunk of
                hotness has been wronged in not being mentioned on my list, send me
                 an E-mail, and tell me why you chose this person. As a matter of fact,
                  this is a list for the people. When I get enough votes for a particular
       person, I'll replace of my chosen. I've set up an online voting thing
so it'll be easier to vote. It's near the bottom, so please vote!

               The guys go from 20-1, and in fives. You'll also need to know what the
                      Four Pluses are. In my opinion, there are four features which make a guy
                   damn near irresistible: Long hair, fangs, pointed ears, and sarcastic wit.
                     These features add points to a characters case. But, if the character falls
                      in love with the resident female twit of the show, it will count against them.
I know, it's harsh, but that's how it has to be.


Don't cheat now, and don't forget to vote for your man right below.

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