Gwenhyfara's Very Own Slayers Page
            Well, welcome to my Slayers page! Slayers is a show that basically follows the adventures of
              Lina Inverse, Sorceress Supreme, and all the people she meets up with. It's one of those
         Swords n' sorcey comedy types. There are three seasons total. The first season is called
           "Slayers", the second "Slayers Next", and the 3rd "Slayers Try". There are also some movies,
         and I think there's an OAV series(not sure).  To learn more about the characters, just click
        on the link down below. And also, my knowledge of Slayers beyond the first season
       is rather limited for right now.  I know theres not much to this page, but I'm
      hoping that'll change soon. If you have any suggestions, comments or anything,
           just E-Mail me :) You can learn more about the story from the character descriptions,
         so click here to go to the characters page.
             In case some of you dont know yet,  Slayers is being continued in the U.S., finally. I'm not sure
           if the same company is going to be carrying it into all it's seasons, but they started releasing
         them early this summer..Also, they're bringing the first Slayers movie out soon. So watch
        those video store shelves for the continuing adventures of everyone's favorite flat-chested,
         fire-throwing femme. Also, I'm thinking of taking down this page and replacing it with
        a Vampire Princess Miyu page. What do you people think? Some feedback would be nice.
         Of course, you the people never give any feedback...I start to wonder if the people
        out there can read. How do I know? Maybe you're just here for the pictures.
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